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Obtaining Direct Access to the Server

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This document aims at advanced users and covers the following topics:


Accessing Your SSH Account (Shell Access)

SSH Telnet is a secure form of Telnet, using an RSA key. It is a more powerful means of access than FTP in that it allows running scripts, etc. As such, SSH allows more possibilities for error, and actions which may cause harm to the server. SSH access to an account is a privilege which can be revoked if user's activities appear detrimental to the health of the server.

To request shell access to the server, do the following:

  1. Click FTP Manager on your control panel home page.
  2. Enable Shell Access.
  3. Click the Request Status link to learn if your request has been processed. In case of approval, Shell Access will become enabled:


Running Your Shell Scripts With Crontab

Crontab allows you to clock and run your own Unix shell scripts automatically. It is available only in Unix-based plans and requires the knowledge of Unix shell commands.

To enable crontab jobs, do the following:

  1. Click FTP Manager on your control panel home page.
  2. Enable Crontab.
  3. Agree with charges, if any.
  4. Click the Edit icon for Crontab.
  5. On the page that appears, add the crontab job:
    The Mail-To address is where the system will direct reports if errors occur.

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