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Managing Disk Space

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Your account allows you to maintain your site, store incoming and outgoing mail for your mailboxes, create and manage databases. Your hosting provider sells you services and disk space for these resources on his servers. Your control panel allows you to monitor and manage your disk space usage. This document covers the following disk space management issues:

Summary Disk Usage

To monitor your Disk Usage refer to the Disk Usage bar in Control / Info area on the left below the traffic bar:

It shows how much FTP (web), mail and DB disk space all together you are using of your Disk Usage limit. It shows:

  • the Last Day Usage
    • every 24 hours all servers (web, mail, MySQL, etc.) are scanned, and all actually used disk space is summarized to make your Summary Disk Usage for the last day;
      b) the Avg (Average Usage) for the current disk usage cycle (one month length regardless of your billing period) of your Disk Usage Limit
    • for billing purposes, the system also monitors your average disk usage for the disk usage cycle. From the beginning of this cycle, summary readings of each daily scan are added up, and the cumulative amount is divided by the number of days elapsed since the cycle starting date.

Disk Usage Limit doesn't stop you from using more disk space. If you exceed your Disk Usage Limit you will be charged overlimit fee for it. Keep in mind exccessive usage above what your plan allows will cause your account to be suspend once it reachs 120% of your limit. To reactivate your account you will need to pay the approatate usage fees. Before suspension, you will be notified by e-mail that you are approaching your limit.

However, you can change your Disk Usage limit, in this case:

  1. Your current disk usage cycle is closed.
  2. You are refunded recurrent fee for the days remaining to the end of the disk usage cycle.
  3. Your disk usage limit is prorated to the days elapsed from the beginning of the disk usage cycle. And if your average disk usage is more than this, you are charged extra fee for the overlimit.
  4. A new disk usage cycle is opened.
  5. If you are increasing your disk usage limit, you will usually pay recurrent fee for the increased amount, which is usually less than extra/usage fee.
    * Your hosting plan can prevent you from setting very high Disk Usage limit.


FTP or Disk Quota

Disk Quota statistics can be found in your FTP manager:

Every 24 hours the system scans your home FTP directory to see how much web disk is used under your account. It shows how much FTP disk space you are using out of your Disk Quota.
When you reach your Disk Limit, the system will not let you upload anything into your FTP home directory.

You cannot store more MBs than your Disk Quota allows. You will need to change this setting if you increase your Summary Disk Usage. There are no charges for increasing this limit.

 Mailbox Quota

For each of your mailboxes you get some default amount of disk space for storing incoming and outgoing mail. Load statistics for each of your mailbox can be found in the Properties section for every individual mailbox:

It shows how much disk space you are using out of your mailbox quota. You can't store more MBs than your mailbox quota allows. You can change your mailbox quota, by clicking the Change icon next to the statistics readings for each individual mailbox (see image above). This allows you to manage e-mail account usage of your summary disk usage.

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