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Mail Domain Aliases

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 Mail resources on a mail domain that has a mail domain alias will all have alternative addresses. Mail resources and their aliases will have different domain parts (i.e. mail domain and its alias) and the same resource names. For instance, with being a mail alias to, every mail resource on will have a counterpart on, specifically: will be an alternative mail address to will be an alternative mail address to will be an alternative mail address to


Creating Mail Domain Aliases

Mail domain aliases come with regular domain aliases only. You can't have a mail domain alias without a regular domain alias. Mail domain alias can be enabled or disabled in your hosting plan. To create a mail domain alias:

  1. On your control panel home page, click the Domains icon.
  2. If there are several domains on the page that appears, choose the one that you'd like to create mail domain alias for.
  3. At the bottom of the form, click Add to add a totally new domain alias or Edit to use your domain alias with mail service:

  4. On the next page, when creating or editing existing domain alias make sure to check the Mail Domain Alias box:

  5. On your control panel home page, click E-Mail to check whether Mail Domain Alias has been activated:

Note that on the Mail Settings page you can create mail domain aliases only based on existing domain aliases.


Removing Mail Domain Aliases

Removing mail domain aliase, you remove aliases for ALL your mail resources on the primary mail domain. You cannot remove a mail domain alias for an individual mail resource.

To remove a mail domain alias:

  1. Go to the E-mail resource page.
  2. In the Mail Control section choose the mail domain you are removing mail domain alias for.
  3. The Mail Domain Aliases section will list all the current mail domain aliases for this mail domain.
  4. Click the Delete icon next to the mail domain alias you would like to remove.

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